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PT. Asia Cemara Ekabuana, or in short ACE Indonesia, is an innovative manufacturer of 'truly unique' solid wood indoor furniture! We are based in Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia.

ACE Indonesia is Indonesian owned and managed by European technical consultants and management, overseeing the whole production to the shipping process by our dedicated workforce of about 100 motivated and skilled workers.

ACE Indonesia has over 10-years of manufacturing experience and has a proven record of performance. Our secure supply of stock materials, per your requirements, ensures short lead-times and on-time delivery. Various specialized divisions, complementing the utilization of modern production techniques, combined with day-to-day supervision and quality control criteria at all stages of creation, sampling and production and controlled hand-finished furniture a truly unique "look & feel", to maximize market appeal!

We currently export a wide variety of solid wood indoor furniture to established customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Poland and the Middle East. For a closer review of our products in the demanding global market place of today, please do visit www.ardanas.com or www.almidecor.com.


Our office and industrial factory buildings are total 5.000M2 on a 1Ha lot. Our Material, Milling, Sanding, Framing, Staining, Finishing, Assembling and Packing divisions are strategically layed out so that there is an efficient and optimal flow of components and semi-finished products from start until finish.


For all solid wood furniture ACE Indonesia is using solid wood. We have conducted several tests and feasibility studies of several different wood species to be used for our furniture. ACE Indonesia is now ready to commercially invest in sourcing and the processing of Durian zibethinus (click here for information about Durian timber).

R & D

One of the core-elements of our operations is the in-house R&D division, which includes a drafting studio with an can-do and an on-hands approach, to service all customer requirements such as presentation drawings and design adaptations including customized multi-step assembly instruction and artwork for packaging, also in your own language.


To do the job right we consider it crucial that our staff have the right tools for the right job! From our IT department until the packaging division, we use either electrical, pneumatic or battery powered (hand)tools. A CNC machine center is available for accurate and flexible production, also for smaller orders.


News and info

Holiday notice

This year, our office and factory will be closed for the Christmas holidays as ff:

Closed from MONDAY 27st DECEMBER 2009 and operations resume on WEDNESDAY 5th JANUARY 2011

Management and staff of ACE INDONESIA is wishing you and your families a "Merry Christmas & a Prosperous 2011!


Website relaunch

As you may have noticed, our website is presently under construction.


We are periodically uploading news and picures of new products.


Coming up soon; more NEWS! (3)


Coming up soon; more NEWS! (4)

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